Corporate Culture


Our Vision and Mission

In order to satisfy and go beyond the demands of our customers which change and refine continuously, we target to:;

  • Supply the products with required quality in time and with the most suitable price,
  • Make no concessions on satisfying hygienic conditions, product safety and quality,
  • Provide products with high quality, suitable for food safety principles and environment friendly,
  • Comply with the laws and regulations related with environment and support the activities of related organizations,
  • Apply the requirements of food safety management system, BRC and IFC for providing the food safety in our products,
  • Work together with qualified personnel and increase the perfection of our employees by continuous trainings,
  • Follow and apply the technological improvements,
  • Work with qualified suppliers, procure raw materials of which the quality is officially approved,
  • Increase our capacity and market share.

Our Food Safety and Quality Policy

Our Food Safety Management system covers Sun-Dried Tomatoes, all Pepper Pickles, Capers and canned products which are produced in our address that is Akcakonak mah. Akcakonak sok. No:371 Soke/Aydın-Turkey.

Our quality policy is to comply with the quality management system requirements, to continuously improve the quality management system and, under no circumstances to compromise service and product quality to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.
Sibas is committed to exceed the constantly changing and developing expectations of our customers. In order to achieve this objective, our quality policy is:

To serve high quality products on time to our customers with best price, to increase our capacity and market share.

To comply with all legal requirements, national and international standards and customer requirements for food safety in our products,

To inform our customers in case of any food safetly related adverse situations and if necessary to recall to our products,

To obey environmental laws and regulations, and to support related institutions,

To follow the latest developments and trends for continuous improvements in our operations and processes,

To work with qualified personnel and increase the competence of personnel with continuous training,

To establish a relationship with our employees and suppliers in ethical and moral rules,

To carry out sustainable relations and systems with our employees,

To work and support with qualified suppliers,

We pledge dedicated efforts and commitment of our employees towards fulfillment of the above.


Our Environment Policy


Our Social Responsibility Policy

Our Food Safety Management system covers Sun-DriedTomatoes, all Pepper Pickles, Capers and canned products, which are produced in our address that is Akcakonak mah. Akcakonak sok. No:371 Soke/Aydın-Turkey.

Our enterprise respects the right of workers to receive fair wage.

Our enterprise ensures a healthy and safe working environment; assessing risk and taking all necessary measures to eliminate or reduce it.

Our employees are obliged to follow our enterprise’s written and verbal rules.

Our enterprise provides special protection to any workers that are not yet adults.

Our enterprise does not engage in any form of forced servitude, trafficked or non-voluntary labor.

Our enterprise respects the right of workers to form unions or other kinds of workers associations and to engage in collective bargaining.

Our enterprise does not tolerate any acts of corruption, extortion, embezzlement or bribery.

Our enterprise provides equal opportunities and does not discriminate against workers.

Our enterprise observes the law regarding hours of work.

Our enterprise does not hire any worker below the legal minimum age.

Our enterprise hires workers on the basis of documented contracts according to the law.

Our enterprise takes the necessary measures to avoid environmental degradation.




Company's Conditions for Continuance of Business

  • Our priority is our employees' health during an epidemic. During this period, any action that would put our employees' health at risk will be avoided.
  • The warnings of government agencies are considered while creating the company's work plan. All measures will be taken to continue our production.
  • If the epidemic affects only the region where our company is located, alternative production areas will be searched and our customers, suppliers and employees will be informed.
  • In order to fulfil our commitments to our customers during the epidemic, potential supply chain effects will be closely monitored by us and the necessary precautions will be taken by constantly communicating with our suppliers.
  • Our customers, suppliers and employees will be immediately informed of any developments.

Precautions to be Taken in the Company

  • The information prepared by the government agencies about the disease are carefully followed, and the prepared documents are placed in public areas and other areas where they can be seen.
  • Employees are informed of the rules to be followed about the disease both at work and in their private lives with the support of the workplace doctor and government agencies.
  • Protective clothing and consumables that will prevent the transmission of the disease, which are required by the government agencies, are distributed to the employees by the workplace.

Cleaning of Work Environment

  • All areas inside the workplace are periodically disinfected in accordance with the procedures recommended by government agencies.
  • Disposable wipes are provided so that frequently used surfaces (e.g. door handles, keyboards, remote controls, tables) can be wiped by employees before each use.

Travel Rules

  • Domestic and international business travels of our employees are cancelled.
  • Visits, meetings and trainings to be held in our company are cancelled. Meetings are made using other communication tools.
  • Employees are warned to plan their own private travels and of their immediate surroundings considering the warnings of government agencies.

Encouraging Sick Employees to Stay at Home

  • Our sick leave policies are regulated as suggested by the Ministry of Health. In addition, flexible leave-takings approved by the senior management are shared with the employees.
  • Service provider companies are consulted about the importance of sick employees staying at home and encouraged to develop non-punitive leave policies.
  • Sick employees will not need to consult the workplace doctor for official approval in case of any suspicion.
  • Our policies allow employees to stay home to take care of a sick family member. Employers are aware that they may need to stay home to provide more care than usual to sick children or other sick family members.

Isolation of Sick Employees

  • Employees who display symptoms of the disease after coming to work or during the day are separated from other employees and immediately sent to the nearest health institution.  The case is reported to the relevant government agencies as soon as possible.
The medical condition of the isolated sick employee is closely monitored with government agencies. After the confirmation of government agencies, the employee starts working again.