Corporate Culture

Our Vision and Mission

In order to satisfy and go beyond the demands of our customers which change and refine continuously, we target to:;

  • Supply the products with required quality in time and with the most suitable price,
  • Make no concessions on satisfying hygienic conditions, product safety and quality,
  • Provide products with high quality, suitable for food safety principles and environment friendly,
  • Comply with the laws and regulations related with environment and support the activities of related organizations,
  • Apply the requirements of food safety management system, BRC and IFC for providing the food safety in our products,
  • Work together with qualified personnel and increase the perfection of our employees by continuous trainings,
  • Follow and apply the technological improvements,
  • Work with qualified suppliers, procure raw materials of which the quality is officially approved,
  • Increase our capacity and market share.

Our Food Safety and Quality Policy

Our Environment Policy

Our Social Responsibility Policy