Other Products

Our Giardiniera includes cauliflower, carrot, celery stalk, red pepper, cucumber and Pepperoncini. These vegetables are grown and harvested by our contracted farmers under the supervision of our Agricultural Division. Once they are delivered to our production site, they are processed and stored seperately in fermentation tanks. When they complete their fermentation, they are mixed together and packed in brine based on customer’s request.

The mixture prepared by the studies of our R&D Department which have Caper, diced Sun Dried Tomatoes, spices and oil. If demanded, diced Jalapeno or diced Pepperoncini can be added to increase the bitterness. Sibas Mixture can be used as ingredients for home-made bread, can be mixed with tuna fish, can be used on canapés with cheese melted over it as well as in flavoring the dinners as a paste sauce.