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Last Updated: 01.08.2010
SİBAŞ GIDA SANAYİ VE TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ (hereinafter referred to as "Sibas Food") gives effort for providing you an environment ensuring your tour in our website, can be completed at the highest security and comfort level. Therefore, the principles that Sibaş Gıda applies in collecting and processing your personal information are listed in the below:

1. Privacy: 
This website is responsible for protecting confidentiality of the site users. Website shows respect to privacy rights of the visitors, and the information obtained by visitors through this site will be treated as confidential and will not be disclosed to the third parties unless required by applicable law, regulation or court order. Website cannot be held responsible from any damages given to any person or legal entity due to legal or illegal attitudes of the third parties. You are affirming that you read, understand and accept Sibas Food’s Privacy Policy by accessing and using this site. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of this privacy policy and website, you must not use this site. You are deemed to have accepted this agreement as soon as you access and log in to the website.
2. Collecting and Processing Personal Information:
When our website is visited, the pages you have visited and the time that you have spend for each individual page, information sheet and application are recorded. The purpose in collecting these data and statistics is to develop, update and improve our services by monitoring Sibas Food website on a continuous basis. This information is generally received through personal identification data and IP address (not combined with personal information). A visitor can prefer to use our website for sending e-mails via this site or by completing a application form in order to give his/her personal data. Except to the extent consent of the visitor or required by applicable law, the information you provided for sending your personal information via using this website for specific purposes will be used solely for this purpose. Visitors can assign the amount of information that they prefer to provide. In the forms, some data may be requested from you through mandatory and optional fields. If you will not provide your personal information which is a must for a specific service of this type, you cannot use that service. The contact information you have supplied to Sibas Food will not be used for e-mail or SMS advertisements, promotions and spam purposes or disclosed or sold to any third party.
3. Cookies:
In time, Sibas Food can send on your computer a “cookie”. Cookie is a small-sized data sent to your web browser by Sibas Food’s server which is then stored in memory unit of your computer. Cokies cannot read any data from memory of your computer or cookie pages generated by other web pages. Cookies are harmless. Cookies are used for determining which pages on Sibas Food’s network are visited or arranged by you. By this application, it is aimed to facilitate your repeated visits to the site. You can prevent cookies by changing your browser settings or your browser can warn you if any cookie send on your computer. By retuning back to initial settings in your browser, you can accept all cookies in general. If you prevent cookies, the number of applications you can use in our website or other websites may be reduced or some features may not work properly. Sibas Food cannot be held responsible for the decreased number of applications and troubles seen.
4. Data Protection:
In our website all appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures are being applied for protection of the data collected via this site, ensuring data security and in order to prevent unauthorized accesses to our website, to ensure accuracy and proper use of the data. Even these measures, Sibas Food cannot give any guarantee against illegal accesses to the personal information stored in Sibas Food systems.
5. Links to other Websites:
This website contains links to other sites which are not controlled by Sibas Food. A website linked to this website may have conditions other than the ones indicated in this privacy policy.Sibas Food has no responsibility for collection, use and disclosure of personal information collected by these sites. Sibas Food will not accept any responsibility for the damages which may occur by collection, use and disclosure of personal information by this way. Any link from Sibas Food’s website to another site does not prove security of that website and this situation is to be the sole responsibility of the user. When he/she clicks on a link directed to another website, the visitor accepts that the mentioned website is not controlled by Sibas Food as it is prepared and controlled by the third parties and Sibas Food shall have no responsibility. Sibas Food cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages, losses or expenses which may occur due to any error, interruption, delay in data transfer, computer viruses, connection errors or power cuts during use of the website. Similarly, Sibas Food has no responsibility for the links from other websites to Sibas Food’s site with or without permission of Sibas Food as these links are not controlled by Sibas Food.
6. Contract Amendments, Revisions and Alterations:
This Privacy Policy is subject to amendments. The updating date of Sibas Food’s Privacy Policy has been declared above. All information sent to Sibas Food through this website is subject to the provisions of the latest version of Sibas Food’s Privacy Policy.

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