2- Salted Capers

Caper Is the buds of naturally growing Capin. Spinose plant which Is not blossomed. Capers are classified as their diameters and the ones with smaller diameters are rare and more valued. Capers are classified into eight groups depending on their diameters.

  • Lilliput (3-5 mm.)
  • Non-pareille (5-7 mm.)
  • Surfine (7-8 mm.)
  • Capucine (8-9 mm.)
  • Capote (9-11 mm.)
  • Fine (11-12 mm.)
  • Horse (12> mm.)
  • Flower

The Capers delivered In the factory are processed, sized and then placed In the stocking packages with brine. The Capers which have the diameter demanded by the customer are re-screened and packed with salt.